Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another shot of the new Saloon Girl still unamed!

My latest doll!

Marsha From Sassy Mini Dolls made this gorgeous Saloon Girl for me!

I love her! She's even more amazing in person!
I think she's one of my very favorite dolls. Lots of fab details! Her dress is red with blue highlights!

Good work Marsha!!

Another pic of the Occult shop. 2nd room 1st floor - Divination Goods :)

This is Imperium Draconis Occult shop that I am actually building out of 4 room boxes, and finishing with a brick exterior. Here's a pic of Lavoinia setting up shop while discussing the new items with Dumbledor

Latest Creation...

Well, I'll be working on Greenleafs Spring Fling contest house for the next 6 weeks. It really is not a good amount of time to make any kind of cool structure but, hubby is helping with the build on this one and should allow me more time for the fancy stuff.

Wish me luck!