Friday, July 24, 2009

1000 Buddha's, A Gypsy Wagon Pics

I realized that I have never posted the pics of my Gypsy Wagon but, only the video.
I thought I should share :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Been busy with all the Halloween goodies...yes, already :)

I decided to get started on my Halloween things for all the dollhouses.

It seems that every holiday just creeps up on me every year, and before I know it, I'm not prepared!

I decided to make a bunch of icky spooky food for buffets, and got a bit carried away. I ended up making about 8 or 9 of each so, I'm selling the extras off on my Etsy page here
I try every Halloween to make some Witches or Wizards hutches too which I have listed as well.
Happy Hauntings!

Welcome to all new followers!

It's super great to have you all here!
I feel a bit guilty that I have'nt posted in a while but, life sometimes gets in the way.