Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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"Making Graveyard Stew" - A kitchen prep table

I've got this listed on my Etsy Here. This is an OOAK Kitchen Prep table filled with ooky spooky things!
It is titled "Making Graveyard Stew" and has a yummy pot of graveyard stew being stirred with a rather icky bone, A human (?) rib cage that seems to be picked clean, hand made carrots and potatoes, dragons eggs in a jar, a jar of eyeballs, a jar of toads warts, and a spooky self pouring jar of some glow in the dark substance ;)
Underneath, is a couple of platters, a pot, 50lbs of potatoes, and some raspberry goop, and in the drawer lays a meat mallet.

The only item glued down is the cutting board and ribs but, the rest of the items are movable.

I've been making a tone of stuff for my haunted house that I'm almost done with, and I actually had such a blast making the kitchen island, I decided to make another one. This one is up for grabs!